Which clothing wears better in summer – black or white?

Which clothing wears better in summer – black or white?

The difference made by dark- and light-coloured clothing in different temperatures has been debated for seemingly forever. We’ve looked at all the arguments and decided to join the debate – with ourselves, of course! J The Earth Collection features predominantly neutral colours which means a lot of blacks and whites. In this blog we’ll be taking turns to champion both and let you decide!

White is a versatile colour – you can pair it with any other colour and it will still look great. But does it really make you cooler in summer (in a temperature kind of way, of course!) On the other hand, black is equally versatile and notorious for its It factor – in pop culture, wearing black makes you cool – in the popular sense of the word.

Let’s examine the facts.

The reasoning goes that lighter colours reflect light, which infers that it also reflects heat. While light and heat are not the same thing, anyone who has ever walked on a tar road in the heat of summer or picked up a dark-coloured object that has been lying in the sun will attest to the fact that it sure feels a LOT hotter!

This means that, in theory at least, the black shirt, pants or dress you are wearing should absorb the sun’s heat, too, and turn into a form-fitting warm blanket. This thought is shared by scientists – apparently space suits are white to control temperature and keep them from overheating out in a small, cramped environment out in space. Which makes no sense – space is freezing and they are often way, way out of any direct sunlight!

The other side of the argument goes that black absorbs heat, warming the skin. The body is tricked into thinking that a reaction to counter this is required, and activates the central nervous system’s emergency response, which lowers your body temperature. Looking at the type of clothes preferred by people who live in extremely hot areas like deserts and there might just be truth to this theory.

A more feasible explanation would be that we associate summer with more light, including light-coloured clothing. Perhaps we should instead be thinking about clothing with a lighter clothing; clothing that allows more air to circulate through a looser weave. Clothing that is loose and comfortable. Clothing made of breathable natural fibres that conducts heat away from the body and absorbs perspiration.

The Earth Collection Summer/Spring clothing range features light-weight fabrics that ae woven to achieve maximum breathability and conduct heat away from your skin. The styles are loose without losing a fitted, natural look. Check out our catalogue today!

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