The Different Types of Sustainable Fashion – Part 2

The Different Types of Sustainable Fashion – Part 2

Sustainable fashion, also known as eco fashion, has become an important part of the conversation around the sustainability of the fashion industry. It is a hotly debated topic and often used as a buzzword to gain attention or credibility. The good news is that the fact that it is trending means that increasingly more and more companies are switching to more sustainable operation and production models.

There are different forms of sustainable fashion, as seen in the first part of this blog. Let’s have a look at more ways in which people champion sustainability in their fashion choices.

Secondhand and vintage: Instead of spending money and buying new clothes, people buy clothes other people no longer want or have no use of anymore. This has become very fashionable over the last decade or so.

Rent, loan and swop: People are shrinking their clothing “footprint” by buying less clothes and rather renting or lending it as needed; another trend is swop parties where groups of people gather and swop their unwanted, tired-of clothes among themselves.

Durable and classic: Buying items of clothing that is made of the highest quality and will last a number of seasons is considered preferable to buying the latest fashions and wearing it only one season, which is how long it lasts anyway.

On-demand and custom-made: Ordering bespoke items of clothing saves on the overall production of clothing as the need for mass-produced clothing decreases, which means the elimination of thousands of tons of clothing that is dumped at the end of a season when it goes unsold.

All of these carry some elements of sustainability in fashion. The ideal is to combine them into one consistent way of thinking of sustainable fashion – fashion that is kind and fair towards the environment and the different people in the production chain, eco-friendly fashion that is timeless and durable, not mass produced and which can be used in a versatile way. If need be, this fashion should be sold or swopped, or repurposed to find new usability.

At The Earth Collection, we maintain the highest standards when it comes to ethical and fair production models and only make use of sustainable, ecofriendly fabrics that are durable and classic – fashion that stays in fashion for more than one season. Check out our latest range.

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