The Different Types of Sustainable Fashion

The Different Types of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion, also known as eco fashion, has become an important part of the conversation around the sustainability of the fashion industry. It is a hotly debated topic and often used as a buzzword to gain attention or credibility. The good news is that the fact that it is trending means that increasingly more and more companies are switching to more sustainable operation and production models.

Consumers are also growing in awareness and becoming part of a movement to support brands that champion the environment and the sustainable production processes that are more ecofriendly.

Measures to control claims of being eco-friendly and sustainable are being implemented across the world, ensuring that brands cannot simply implement a few superficial measures and then proclaim themselves as producing sustainable fashion. Even the notoriously fickle fashion industry has been expressing more and more concern about support for sustainable clothing labels.

There are different forms of sustainable fashion. It depends on which aspect of the process of producing clothing and creating fashion you would like to focus. These include:

Green and clean: The production process is eco-friendly and protects the environment by lessening the negative impact on it, e.g. organic fabrics and green production processes that use less energy.

Fair and ethical: The production and procurement of raw materials as well as the manufacturing process is done in such a way that avoids the exploitation of workers or people living on the land, paying dues to everyone involved and respecting the environment.

Repair, redesign and recycle (upcycling): Fashion that is given a second life by repairing it to use again, repurposing it to be used in another way or using the fabrics or elements to create something new and useful.

Look out for the second part of this blog, where we will further discuss the different forms of sustainable fashion.

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