Top Clothing Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

Top Clothing Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

South African summers are usually sweltering – we love our land of sea sun and safari, but sjoe, the downside is that your usually sweaty and soggy by 9am.

Since leaving is not an option, we looked at some clothing tips you can follow to keep cool and enjoy a more chill summer!

Natural fabrics are cool

No, seriously, they are. Natural fabrics are more breathable and conducts heat away from the body. They will absorb any sweatiness and dry faster, leaving you cool and comfortable.

Choose the right fabrics

You still need your clothes to be structured enough to keep their shape when you start to sweat – choose fabrics that are light-weight and made of natural, strong fabrics such as linen and cotton.

Wear loose clothing

Clothes that are tight doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and keeps in the heat. The friction against your skin can create even more heat, so choose items of clothing that are loose and comfortable. There are many ways you can still have structured designs that flatter the figure without hugging it (like, ahem, Earth Collection!). we suggest a maxi dress or some loose, flowing pants.

Wear open-weave knits

Combine loose clothing with layers of open-weave knits – they are airy and will allow your skin to breathe and stay cool.

Tone down on accessories

The heaver your accessories, the more your clothes are pushed against your skin and the less ventilation there is, which ups your body temperature. Keep your accessories light, breezy and away from your skin – it’s summer, so less is more anyway!

Keep your clothes clean

While we all sometimes wear some items of clothing more than once before we throw it in the wash, the water-savings might not be enough when you consider the fact that dust, sweat, smoke and even make-up residue builds up unnoticeably, making the fabric less breathable.

We hope these tips help to keep you cool and make sure you have the chilliest summer ever! Check out The Earth Collection’s range of light-weight, structured clothes made only from natural organic fabrics guaranteed to allow your skin to breath and enjoy that cool summer breeze.

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